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Kuky Admin

Cantidad de envíos : 1017
Edad : 32
Localización : Administrando a Tokio Hotel
Integrante Preferido : Bill Kaulitz
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MensajeTema: Bravo alemana   Vie Nov 14, 2008 11:30 am


Scream! Accident shock Tokio Hotel

Horror message from Magdeburg! TH-drummer Gustav is his car into a tram crushed!

Afternoon, 15 clock in the city of Magdeburg: Tokio Hotel drummer Gustav Schäfer
(20) travels with his black 3s - BMW on the road Halberstadt, one of the main
streets of the city. A traffic light changes to red - backwater! Gustav wants the
snake overtaking car - allegedly to verbotenerweise left. A serious mistake.
Stefan Brodt back of the Magdeburg police said: "Suddenly scherte the car left
and hatched, locked tram track. This is clearly visible. "At the illicit lane overlooks
the 20-year-old drummer from behind the start of the tram line 1st The train
driver shall immediately while Vollbremsung On. But too late. With 30 km / h
bangs the train fully in the driver's side of Gustavs car! By the fierce collision is
the BMW of the 20-year-old back in the car hurled snake. It will be another BMW
and a VW damaged. Gustav and his two passengers, Catherine Kretzschmar (29,
sister of the handball star Stefan Kretzschmar) and We-are-heroes tour manager
Danny E. (29) from Hamburg, are fortunately only slightly injured. Nevertheless,
sirens and blue light. Ambulances and police back immediately. With bruises and
abrasions come Gustav and his friends in the University Hospital Magdeburg. "The
route had blocked for over an hour left. The locomotive was only slightly
damaged, "says Birgit Munster-Rendel of the Magdeburg transport operators.
Gustav must now pay - he finally has a total damage of around 20,000 euros
causes. The railway must be repaired, but fall to around 4,000 euros. A loss of
about 10,000 euro emerged on his own BMW and Gustl of about 6,000 euros to
the other two cars. Lots of money! And that's not all: Because now identified the
police against the TH-Star because of negligent bodily harm. And because of
Magdeburg have his license on probation, can he possibly be withdrawn. Sure,
Gustav has a bad mood right. The night after the accident, he barely slept, was
totally ready. The official statement from TH-manager David Jost incident: "After
the accident, both Gustav and his two passengers of two ambulances to the
emergency room have been brought. Currently, Gustav still problems, his left
shoulder right to move. But according to his doctors he has nothing broken,
"entwarnt David. "Gustav is aware of his guilt and has the police immediately
confessed his guilt. It does him terribly sorry, not only itself but also other
vulnerable people to have. "But the most important is that nobody really
something happened. And so was Gustav on the next day already with his band
colleagues Bill (19), Tom (19) and Georg (21) after Liverpool / England at the MTV
Europe Music Awards presentation. In the usual mania gave the boys there one
of the most important prizes in the category "Best Headliner" for the greatest live
act from. In any case, a small consolation for Gustav ...

- Georg, Bill and Tom (from left) are happy that their Gustav (r) nothing bad happened.
- At the scene of an ambulance take one.
- The tram Kracht exactly in the driver's side of Gustavs vehicle.
- The damage to Gustavs BMW is estimated at 10,000 euros!
- The emergency room of University Hospital Magdeburg: Here was Gustav treated.
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